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At our Business information department,  We deal in the following products:
Corporate Credit Information Reporting
Consumer Credit Information Reporting
Company Search Report
Debtor Asset Information Reporting
Credit Scoring System 
Credit Score Card


What is a credit information reporting?

A credit report is a document that contains a factual record of a companies credit payment history. It is mainly used to judge credit worthiness of companies. The credit report not only lists basic information such as your name and location, but other information pertaining to your credit, especially your borrowing and repaying habits. Basically, it shows how your treat credit and the companies relationships with creditors.

As companies pay their bills, most lenders report credit payment history information to credit bureaus. As a company you are not known to the Insurer, thus to give a brief insight to your organization as to whether your company is a good credit risk to cover, the credit insurance underwriting company required this information before they can take on the risk of covering the credit limit.

What does a credit report contain?

Although the style, format and coding may be different depending on which credit reporting bureau is used, the typical companies credit report includes the following types of information:

Personal Information
The full name of the company, legal status, current addresses and contacts, names of directors, bankers, list of associated companies and activities carried out and most important the financial position of the company.

Public Record Information
Any relevant court records, legal status, Company’s registration number, date of incorporation and capital structure.

It can be important to know what’s going on with your credit for several reasons:
Your credit history can positively, or negatively, affect your ability to make future purchases.
All banks, mortgage/loan companies rely on the information contained within your credit report to determine if you meet their requirements for credit.

Many Credit agencies claim to sell Current information. We do it! Instead of selling information already in our databases, we conduct a fresh investigation at the time of your inquiry. Because we are able to focus on your specific concerns, you receive the most current information available to assist you in making the best decision.

To help ensure accuracy and completeness of our information, we use sophisticated data collection tools and update our database regularly. Our commitment to quality means that you receive the freshest, most relevant information to support your unique business decisions.

As in most third world countries the publication of audited and certified balance sheets is not compulsory the organization goes under these circumstances to a lot often time-consuming trouble to provide nevertheless reliable status reports.

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