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Privacy Policy and Data Protection Practices
Finedatta payment performance information on businesses and consumers to create products and services that assist its subscribers in critical buying and selling decisions. Today, Finedatta is a trusted source for the information companies need to make their business a success.

Finedatta has adopted stringent internationally accepted privacy protocols to protect the confidentiality of personal and corporate credit information maintained in its database. All Finedatta products and services are measured against these protocols that are intended to enhance consumer trust and faith in Finedatta. Finedatta and all of its associates take their responsibilities seriously and the company bases its policies and operations on the highest ethical standards so that it will not breach this trust.
Finedatta privacy protocols are based on the following three principles:
  • Recognize and respect consumer privacy concerns and expectations
  • Limit access to information in Finedatta's databases to companies that have a lawful and permissible purpose to receive it.
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of information and prevent unauthorized access to the database.

These are the principles and procedures observed by Finedatta to ensure the proper use of consumer credit information and to safeguard the privacy of every individual and company and guarantee the security of its databases.

Consumer Rights
Finedatta recognizes that, as more personal data becomes available in the marketplace through consumer-initiated transactions the rights of the consumer must be protected. Prior to any adverse information being listed on a consumerís credit file a notice is sent to that consumer providing them with the opportunity to resolve their obligation and avoid the listing.
The consumer has right of access to their credit file to ascertain its accuracy and, unless proven frivolous, to dispute its retention should the data be inaccurate or is the subject of a current legal dispute.
When a business owner or consumer contacts Finedatta about a potential error, we act promptly to correct it or any misleading information.
A dispute resolution process is in place and the consumer has the right to place a statement on any unresolved disputes.

Access to information:
Consumer reports are available only to companies who are current subscribers to the Finedatta. Only a subscriber that has a permissible purpose, which Finedatta limits to a subscriber who is in the process of considering an application for credit from a given consumer, can have access to information on that consumer. The subscriber may be required to produce a copy of the credit application form duly signed by yourself in application for credit from that subscriber. The subscriber is encouraged to incorporate consent clauses in their credit application forms expressly authorising the use of Finedatta by the subscriber. Finedatta believes that any individual or company who obtains credit information under false pretences should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Confidentiality and Security Safeguards
Finedatta takes technical, administrative and physical steps to protect against anticipated hazards including unauthorized access to and disclosure of individually identifiable information. Finedatta has established passwords and codes; suppresses identification numbers on reports; uses dedicated websites and telecommunications links; and uses other security measures to prevent unlawful intrusions into the database.
Finedatta takes contractual steps to protect against unauthorized access and disclosure, for instance, Finedatta will not provide reports or information to third parties without a contract. Our strict contractual processes stipulate valid/authorized uses of Finedatta data and bind subscribers to relevant laws.

Direct Marketing
We believe consumers should have the right to make informed decisions about the use of their personal data, including the right to be removed from direct marketing lists. Consumers have the right to choose if they want the opportunity to shop at home, evaluate competing credit offers, or receive other types of promotions in the mail. At every consumer contact, we will notify consumers of their right to opt out. We encourage our customers to do the same. We provide an address that consumers can use to exercise this privilege. Through strict guidelines prohibiting the use of our data for making offers that are offensive, pornographic, or in bad taste, Finedatta assures that information can only be used for legal and ethical purposes.

When necessary or appropriate, we may disclose information in response to a court order or subpoena or when otherwise legally required. We may also disclose information if appropriate to protect our legal rights.

Data Quality
Finedatta works to ensure that data is up-to-date and accurate in order to benefit the data subject and Finedatta subscribers. To help ensure quality data, Finedatta employs extensive measures, including direct contacts with businesses and consumers with filter mechanisms being applied to validate and verify information prior to listing on the database.

Our primary sources of information are consumers, businesses, subscribers and public record information such as commercial court filings, company registry, phone books and other directories. Finedatta invests money, time, and effort to continuously update its data.

Finedatta maintains constant vigilance to assure compliance with the above principles, including internal compliance audits and regular reviews of subscriber access and security procedures while monitoring its products and services to be responsive to consumer privacy issues.

For questions or complaints about Finedatta's data protection policies or practices, contact:
Finedatta Africa Limited
P.o Box 300, 00610 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-20-828333 

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