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At our Debt Management department,  We deal in the following products:

Debt Management Outsourcing
This is for firms in our regions, you know collecting your debts can be an expensive, frustrating and time consuming experience. We relieve these burdens by allowing you to outsource the management of your debt recoveries to our firm, while you concentrate on running your business. We manage the recovery of your debts on a 'no recovery - no pay' commission

Debt Collection
This is an art in the complex and integrated world of ours. Every business must collect its due monies discreetly, without undue delay and attracting the least publicity. Over zealous activity can involve costly legal proceedings which may not have been necessary ; or that an insufficient firm approach can lead to a complete loss. 

Our regional offices are experienced in avoiding these pitfalls. We help to recover your dues efficiently, discreetly and with minimum fuss. Cost wise you do not pay us anything until we recover the proceeds for you. However, for the purpose of our records we charge a nominal, minimal fee to cover our disbursements.

Through our Debt management System technology, the account is worked thoroughly with the debtor being contacted by phone and letter and ensuring continuous negotiations on your behalf while you are also kept fully aware of all developments via email or phone contact with person in charge of the account. For some occasions, dunning letters work well together with our phone call reminders. when the debt is due to some misunderstanding, we will act as a mediator between the debtor and the creditor.

We aim to collect all debts within six months at least, and should it be necessary, we advise you of the legal process we can pursue to collect your overdue accounts.

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