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Finedatta Africa limited has re-launched itself as Africa's leading provider of the most accurate and unbiased credit information  provider, on business firms and individuals. .

New services Introduced
Finedatta continues to diversify its operations, We have now introduced two new services, Asset tracing, and private investigations, this will enable organizations trace defaulters, with the aim of recovering their money. Further more Finedatta is currently negotiating with world class providers of credit services and products which will position Finedatta as a leading mainstream provider of world class credit service in Africa.

We are Still the leaders - " No one else comes close "
A survey done by the ICM and various other Organizations revealed that  Finedatta as the leading Credit Management Practices In East Africa for the second year in a row. The Survey was conducted against Various other leading firms, and involved the Assessment of  Various factors like :
Excellence in Credit information Reporting.
High Ethical standards in Business Consulting
Business excellence
Professional customer service.

The Credit Act
Finedatta has been pushing for a credit Act, and has finally come up with a draft Act which was a collaboration  of various companies, individuals, and institutions.  We personally thank all those who participated in the drafting, now the we are pushing for the enacting.

New Ratings on Companies
As Finedatta continues to grow and diversify its operations, We believe ratings should be accessible from our Website that is why we continue to endeavor to provide you with the latest and most reliable information on individuals, corporations, industries, and the economy, as well as stock market updates via the Internet and other modern channels of communication.  Currently Finedatta is trying out a Virtual Gateway for online reports, other services will follow suit after this.

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