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Africa's premier Credit rating Firm
Africa's premier Credit rating Firm, We are the first and only Firm to cover Africa in Credit Management, Credit Rating, Credit Reporting and Debt collection. Our services extend throughout Africa.

We assist and enable many organizations in the world over to trade with African firms by availing corporate credit information in regard to their financial performance, and enabling them understand and minimize the risks that the organizations may be exposed to.

We assist local organizations in the regions we operate, minimize the risks the organizations may be exposed to, by administering and monitoring Good Credit Control and Credit Management procedures.

 We provide in depth training in Credit Management, in-house or in seminars, having in mind of a wide range of flexible training programmes tailored to the specific needs of a particular organization, covering effective Credit Control Management, productive and professional Debt Collection procedures, efficient Customer Service Management, and Sales and Credit Control teamwork. These provides the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the complete Credit Management cycle.

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