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At our Credit Consulting department,  We provide a variety of consulting services to our clients. The most popular of these services is described below. However, should you have a specific need that is not covered below simply contact us with your request.
Credit Management Outsourcing
Corporate Credit Reorganization
Corporate Structuring Services
Credit Audit
Credit Appraisal Services
Credit training
Credit Recruitment
Credit Risk Management System
Other Credit Consulting Services

Credit Management Outsourcing
Quality credit management is the heart of your business because it generates your cash flow but it is time consuming and not related to the core business. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business by:
- Providing proven credit management procedures
- Providing an improvement in debtor days which will have a positive impact on cash flow and profitability
- Providing quality staff with support at all times
- Reducing credit control and administration costs

There are several levels of outsourcing to suit each company's particular needs ranging from partial outsourcing to total outsourcing.

Credit management outsourcing, focuses on a company’s balance sheet because the most dramatic improvements can be made in the invoice-to-cash cycle, thereby improving efficiency, productivity and cash flow. Reducing the time your cash is tied up at the receivables stage can save your business millions of dollars every year. Even more reason for considering credit management outsourcing, Inefficiencies due to outdated IT systems, duplication of effort or faulty procedures may result in an increase in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and reduced value of cash collections, which all impact heavily on the bottom line.

Outsourcing Credit Management with a world-class partner like Finedatta, allows you to benefit from improved cash flow, faster payment by creditors and frees up working capital by reducing operating costs dedicated to credit management. Furthermore, you  benefit from the latest seamless technology and the expertise and best practice.

Corporate Credit Reorganization
This entails the setting up a credit management system in your organization, to enable your company to monitor and administer Good Credit Control. This entails installing  and implementing new systems, procedures and redefine job assignment responsibilities that will improve the functional operation of your company's existing credit department.

Corporate Structuring Services
This entails Establishing a Credit Department, for a new company or in a case where there is no established credit department, we offer a turnkey program, Finedatta specialists will develop and write all necessary procedures and systems to meet your needs, hire and train personnel and make certain the credit department is fully operational.

Credit Audit
Finedatta will conduct a thorough appraisal of your credit department's operation and how it functions within the organization. We will then prepare a complete management report of its findings and recommendations

Credit Appraisal Services
When instilling Credit Appraisal Services on your existing Customers, Our firm can conducts in-depth audits of companies’ existing credit management systems and procedures, on the existing Customer base and help alleviate problems identified on an individual account basis, or as per the requirements of your firm.

Credit training & Seminars
We provide in depth training in Credit Management, in-house or in seminars. Our courses provide an overview of the latest techniques and instill the ethos of proactive credit control management into company policy. We have a wide range of flexible training programmes tailored to the specific needs of a particular organization, covering effective Credit Control Management, productive and professional Debt Collection procedures, efficient Customer Service Management, and Sales and Credit Control teamwork. These Intensive seminars target financial and accountancy staff, customer services managers and sales and marketing personnel, providing the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the complete Credit Management cycle.

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